Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

AR.Drone mainboard overview

Top view (side with ground camera)

1: Camera, I2C bus 0 address 5d
2: I2C connectors for I2C Bus 0 arrive here
3: DRAM cache
4: Connector to navigation board, at least one serial port
5: USB driver SMSC USB3317 (datasheet)
6: Connector to front camera, probably not an I2C device
7: External connection port with TTYS0 serial port and USB port (see link)
8: ROCm Atheros AR6102G-BM2D wireless
9: Power supply for the engines
10: Ground
11: VCC +5V

Bottom view

A: Power supply for the engines
B: Connector to the engine-boards
C: I2C Bus (data)
D: I2C Bus (clock)
E: 5V
F: Ground
G: I2C EEPROM CSI 24C32WI, i2c bus0, address 50 (datasheet)

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  1. Good job, Henrik!

    I wonder what is located in the I2C EEPROM. Were you able to dump it?

    Best regards

  2. I actually dumped it, I will add more on the I2C on the drone tonight and tomorrow. I've also hooked the board up to an oscilloscope today, though without too much success. I had only an hour and it took me about 50 minutes to setup the device. I have - however - not found an I2C connector on the connection going down to the ultrasound navigation board. I wonder where the second unused I2C bus is hiding ;-)

  3. As far as i reversed, the navigation board is connected with UART2. Should be pin 110(rx) + 111 (tx).

    You may find the connector by toggling these pins with gpio -d ho 0 / gpio -d ho 1. They should be located at the connector near the EEPROM.

    I wrote down a list with used GPIO pins and what they do. If you are interested in this list, you can contact me at:

    scorp2kk _a:t_ googlemail , com

    Also, I would be interested in the EEPROM dump.

    I set-up an google code project for ar.drone stuff. If you like, you may participate. Just write me an e-mail.

    Best regards

    1. hi.
      i'm Jordi from Spain. i have 3 mainboard dead, i work on a electronical laboratory.

      do you have a good dump of eeprom of AR.drone 1.0 ?
      can you send me by email.


  4. Hello,

    I uploaded a video on youtube showing the ar.drone's vertical camera in a microscope. (

    I am not a specialist of cmos sensors but I am glad to read in this blog that the interface of this camera module is just a high speed I2C bus which is much quiet easy to implement.

    But I am a little surprised that this is an I2C bus with 24 pins...
    Can you give me some light over that ?

    I am not trying to clone the ar.drone but I have some embedded computer vision projects I am working on and a cif or qcif camera in I2C with about 60" fov and 60 fps would be a perfect image sensor for me.

    Do you know where to find this kind of cmos camera ?


  5. I bought a drone from craiglist. Now I have found it is missing the the IC that is just below the engine power supplies. It is FB2500 opposite side of the connector. There are one fo these per motor. Any idea what it is so i can replace it?
    Dougleppard @